Sinkhole Collapse

A Sinkhole is a natural depression or hole in the Earth's surface that is caused by a void occurring underground.  A common cause for this void is circulating water which naturally dissolves the carbonate rock, such as limestone.  Here are some basic guidelines to follow if you hav ea sinkhole on or near your property:

  • Restrict access to the hole.
  • Contact police or emergency responders to advise if the hole is near utility lines or roadway.
  • Take photographs for documentation but do not get too close to the edges of a sinkhole.
  • Do not allow unauthorized or inexperienced persons to investiage the sinkhole.
  • Never go down into a sinkhole or attempt to fill the hole yourself.

After a sinkhole has developed, a homeowner may be responsible for the repair to avoid further damage to their property.  To protet your home, "Sinkhole Collapse" coverage can be added onto your homeowner policy for an additional premium.  This coverage will insure for direct physical loss to your home but not for land repairs.


*Smart Thinking, Winter 2012 MMG Insurance