Minimize Theft & Vandalism to Your Business

  Theft of any size can be devastating, especially if you own a business.  you need your equipment, supplies and tools in order to operate the business.  Ensure your business reamins secure by implementing inside and outside security measures to protect your business.

Inside Premises:

  • Make sure all outside entrances and inside security doors have deadbolt locks.
  • Windows should have secure locks.
  • Remove any expensive items from window displays at night.
  • Light the inside of your business around doors and windows.
  • Keep cash register in plain view from outside and leave drawer empty and open after closing.
  • If there is a safe of premises, make sure it is securely anchored and change combination frequently.
  • Install video surveillance cameras throughout the business.
  • Install an alarm system - check with several companies and decide what level security fits your needs.
  • Keep small amounts of cash in register to reduce losses.  Use a drop safe into which large bills and excess cash are dropped off by employees and cannot be retrieved by them.
  • Make bank deposits often during business hours.  Take different routes and at different times throughout the day.
  • use mirrors to eliminate blind spots in corners that might hide shoplifters.
  • Mark equipment, such as computers, registers, etc. with identificaiton numbers.
  • Keep detailed, up-to-date records and store back-up copies off premises.

Outside Premises:

  • Light up the premiter, especially near entrances.
  • Install outside video surveillance.
  • If your business involves storing inventory outside, install locking gates.
  • If you local law enforcement offers night time security checks, take advantage.
  • If your business owns several company autos that are kept on premises overnight, make sure they are parked in a well-lit area and all vehicles are locked with keys kept in a secure location.