Travelers Winter Weather Resources

With unusually high snowfall accumulations across parts of the upper Ohio Valley and Northeastern states, many customers are concerned about potential property damage caused by heavy snow and ice loads on roofs.

Travelers’ Claim and Risk Control professionals have created a number of resources to help you and your customers learn more about common types of property damage from snow and ice accumulation, as well as steps you can take to help protect your property:

- Winter Weather Preparation Tips  (Risk Control technical bulletin)

- Protect Against Frozen Pipes  (customer fact sheet)

- Helping Prevent Snow/Ice Load Roof Collapse  (Risk Control technical bulletin)

- About Ice Dams  (podcast)

- Protecting Your Property from Ice and Snow Damage  (customer fact sheet)

As a reminder, if you or your customers do experience damage to your property, please report your loss to Travelers using one of the following methods below. One of our Claim Professionals can help assess the damage, advise on what to do next, and help start the recovery process.