Flood Insurance

Do you need flood insurance? Well, walk to the nearest mirror and ask the person you see if he or she owns much property that could be damaged or destroyed by water. If the answer is yes, then you should seriously consider buying flood insurance.

What's the likelihood of suffering a flood loss?

The chances of your business, home, or personal property being damaged by a flood depends primarily upon where you live. They also depend on other factors.

What is a flood zone?

If you have ever heard the term “flood zone,” you may think that it refers to locations that are particularly vulnerable to flooding. Wherever you live in the USA, you live in a flood zone. While your area may have a lower chance of flooding than a coastal area or a location situated near a body of water, your area could still experience flooding.

Why worry when disaster coverage is available?

You may believe that even if you suffer from a flood, your loss may be taken care of when the government declares your location to be a disaster area. However, you're still taking a couple of large risks. First, your flooded locale may not be deemed a disaster area. Second, being designated as a disaster area is not a bargain.

Don't be “all wet”

You don't have to leave yourself unprotected. We can help you with detailed information on the National Flood Insurance Program. You can also ask for help in getting the coverage you need to “keep dry” and secure in the face of a flood.

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